October goals

My half training has been going well. I love the cooler weather, and I have even learned to enjoy running in the rain, so this cool, damp weekend was pretty much perfect for me. I ran 7 miles at a 12:22 pace on Sunday, and it was amazing. No pain, no wheezing, no major stress at all. It was just me, an audiobook (Heartless, which is part of a really fantastic series), and the road. Beautiful.

Saturday run

I managed to be forty minutes late to the training session this morning, which was a bummer. There was this huge accident on the GW Parkway – it required a crane, y’all. Clearly my attempt to train with the group was doomed. I also couldn’t remember the name of the place I was looking for by the time I got there (yes, I’m lame. Shut up), so I turned around and went home.