Training stalling out again this week. I feel tired all the time – do you think we can blame the cold? Probably not. I think I just need to go to bed earlier!

The plan for tomorrow: Swim in the morning, pilates at night.

I’m nervous about this weekend’s group bike ride. I’ve never done one before! But I think as long as I pace myself, I’ll be fine. I’ve also got to try to find a bike rack before then, or I’ll just be schlepping the bike in the back of the CRV with the seats down in the back. Tragic!


I’ve been doing better on the training side. Less better on the fundraising side, but I’ve got plans! For when I come back from vacation.

Yeah, I’m worried about the vacation and training. It’s hard enough to get motivated when I’m home and comfy and in a routine. Weekends are the worst, but mornings? Also hard. And what is a vacation but a really long weekend, in many ways?

The gym has a new, expansive health club, so that’ll be nice. It has pools, so I can probably work in a swim while I lay there and sunbathe and read (oh my gosh, I’m looking forward to that SO MUCH). If I can get a massage or something fancy and indulgent at the end of the week, I might be able to bribe myself into working out.

You know, that actually sounds about right. I respond pretty well to bribery, really.


So I was supposed to run today. That…didn’t happen, so much. What did? I wrapped up my Christmas shopping (FINALLY), met with Kristen from Team in Training to talk about fundraising ideas, and baked a metric ton of cookies (not literally. But a lot)!

The idea behind the cookies was to get my fundraising kicked off, to bring them into work and just let people know what I am doing, while giving them something sweet and delicious to perhaps inspire donations. I’m not above bribery here! Well. Not much above, anyway.

I’ve got four kinds, although I’m not sure the last one turned out all right. We’ll see. They’re cooling now, and if they’re terrible I’ll just pitch them. I’ve never made cookies like them before – they’re sort of meringues, and easy, but I’m thinking I mananged to screw them up. Whatever, the others are good. My favorites are dark chocolate with candied ginger in them – unusual and delicious. But then, I love ginger, so it works for me. Next time, I think I’ll experiment with making mint ones. I think that would also be delicious.

So we’ll see how I do with those tomorrow. Just getting SOME donations would be a huge ego boost. I’ve also got some thoughts for fundraisers for after Christmas – fun stuff! But it will take a little more planning than I’ve really got time for right now.


I managed to be forty minutes late to the training session this morning, which was a bummer. There was this huge accident on the GW Parkway – it required a crane, y’all. Clearly my attempt to train with the group was doomed. I also couldn’t remember the name of the place I was looking for by the time I got there (yes, I’m lame. Shut up), so I turned around and went home.

But what is on the way home from Bethesda? Great Falls,that’s what. It’s a gorgeous trail that takes you along the Potomac and the Powtomack Canal, which was used to take boats around the falls. It was part of George Washington’s nutty plan to make the Potomac a major shipping river. Of course, he also thought it went all the way to Ohio, so to him, it didn’t seem so nutty.

I’d been out there this summer with a friend who was househunting after we looked at a place in Bethesda, and it was just so so pretty. We went all the way out to the falls that day, because we had the time (and MAN was it hot that day). I remembered it as being lush and green and gorgeous, and of course it was different. It’s winter, and there’s a starker beauty in the woods in winter. It was a lovely (if VERY VERY COLD) run.

I didn’t go all the way to the falls – it’s several miles, and I’m not ready to run that far, but I made a nice look around from the main path up to part of Difficult Run Path, which is at least a nice warning to people not ready to attempt it (like me). It wasn’t too difficult coming back, though, since it was all downhill. It offered really nice views of the river, too, with the leafless trees and the sun still shining on the water.


It went well, I think. I’m not fast, but I’ve got good form and I can swim a good long ways. It would have been better if I hadn’t had that awful, awful cold last weekend, but overall, it was just fine.

Tomorrow I’ve got to get up and bike – I know I’ll never go at night, in the dark. And Thursday I’ve got to go before work as well, since it’s a production night and I’ll be there quite late and won’t want to work out when I get  back. Friday I am supposed to take off, but since I was still sick Monday, I will probably need to run (or, you know, run and walk and swear) anyway. And then another group practice on Saturday!

Lord. And I haven’t even started fundraising in earnest yet. This is probably going to kill me.

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The great thing about moving to D.C.: I have a life! Friends! Things to do!

Unfortunately, it puts a kink in my training. I swear daily, “I’ll get up tomorrow and exercise before work! I’ll really do it! It won’t be hard!”

Do I do it? Oh, no. Not ever. I snuggle deeper in the down, yawn and refuse to move when the alarm goes off.

I’ve always liked evening exercise best. I’m most alert, I like evening showers, I can really take my time and not stress about being late for work. The problem, of course, is that when I work late (every Thursday – no big deal, it could be my rest day!) I skip out. When I meet friends for dinner, I skip out. When I have a date with my husband, I skip out.

Clearly, the solution is to get my ass out of bed. It’s hard though! I am lazy! It is cold!

I’m looking forward to the start of training to work on that. In the meantime, I’ll keep making promises to myself.


Long journeys start with one step, they say. I guess I’ve taken the first one now, signing up with Team in Training to compete in the St. Anthony’s Triathlon in St. Petersburg, Florida.

It’s terrifying, and exhilerating, and I’m not sure exactly how I feel beyond that.

Excited, I guess. Intimidated. I’ve never done anything like this before – not the distance, not the fundraising, not the coaching.

We’ll see how it goes, I guess. The official start date is Dec. 6. I’ve got to start getting ready, and I’m so not motivated to exercise right now. Still. I don’t want to be too embarrassed next month!