Gear review: Nike Lunarglide 3 and the Bra*kette

New gear is always fun, right? Well, sort of.

Trying on running shoes can be an adventure, for sure. This round, I was looking for something to correct my pronation more than my previous shoe, the Asics 2160 (now the 2170). I had been running in that model shoe since 2010 and it kind of broke my heart when I realized I would need more stability. I’ve been strengthening my hips and core, just like my physical therapist said to do, but I’m still getting more motion than I’d like and some hip cramping in my right hip. Trying new shoes seemed like the first order of business.

I tried on many pairs at two different stores. I narrowed the choices down to the Brooks Trance, the Mizuno Wave Alchemy, and the Nike Lunarglide 3. All three felt wonderful on and I really could feel the difference in my stride. It was a really tough choice! I ended up with the bright orange Nikes because, well, they were the least amount of shoe. I did gasp when the woman took them out of the box  – they really are blinding in person. I love them 100 percent.

I took them out for their first run tonight (bought them Friday, but couldn’t use them because my mom was in town) and I’m definitely going to have to adjust to them. The heel is lower than I am used to, so I laced them up a bit too tight, leaving me with slight blisters on my arches. And they aren’t nearly as cushioned as the Asics (hence the lightness, I’m sure) so I’m going to have to sort of re-learn how that is going to work. But I had almost no hip pain and my ankles feel wonderful, so I’m very pleased overall. I probably won’t wear them to the Cherry Blossom 10-miler because of the lacing problems, but I’ll happily wear them to the Indy Mini! By then the kinks should all be worked out.

My other new purchase was this crazy bra I found at the Rock ‘n’ Roll USA expo – the Bra*Kette! The ladies at the booth had a giant sign promising a pocket for your iPhone/MP3 player of choice inside the bra. Of course I had to try it on! They had all kinds of information about why the bra itself was so great, but all I could focus on was the pocket. I have a sports bra I love already – Moving Comfort’s Juno is heaven sent for busty ladies – but man, did I want that pocket.

I tried it on (I wear a medium, as a 36 D, which was refreshing! I’m never a medium!) and found the bra was extremely comfortable, if a bit bouncier than the Juno (that bra holds things super steady, thanks largely to the adjustable straps). The pocket, however, completely sold me on it. I have a SPIBelt, which I have grown to like after finding it crazy awkward at first, and a RooSport pocket that holds on with a magnet (that one is great with compression tights, terrible with anything at all loose), but I still felt the Perfect iPhone Holder is out there somewhere, waiting for me.

This bra is not quite it, but it’s mighty close. It’s great for holding the iPhone, though the phone does get a little damp with sweat (I’m debating putting it in a plastic baggie). There’s no bounce at all and the phone is completely undetectable. No, the problem is that damn jiggle it doesn’t quite control.  I’m tempted to order a small and try it to see if it controls bounce just slightly better – the medium isn’t bad, but as stated before, I like an industrial strength bra and zero jiggle. If the Bra*Kette had adjustable straps, I think it would be completely perfect. As it is, it’s just mighty close.

Verdict: Perfect for holding the iPhone. Maybe not so great for a race. Still not sure about that. It really is awfully comfortable and has pretty great compression.

I paid for both of these items myself and have not been paid to endorse either product. All opinions are my own!