Expanding the scope of my blog to…clothes?

I had a really fun time writing about running skirts. Partly because I love writing a good, heartfelt rant, but also because I actually really like thinking about clothes. I also loved writing about the high heels issue and my spring style plans.

I put a fair amount of thought into my daily outfits. I try to express my personality and my emotions through my clothes. You can tell when I’m having a bad day because I’m usually dressed in my favorite jeans and a cozy sweater (this time of year). I try to keep it interesting – a statement necklace, a printed scarf (D.C. loves scarves), an embellished tee underneath, a weird color combination (red and citron, anyone?) but it’s my go-to comfort outfit. Most days, though, I try to push the envelope a bit more with patterns, textures and colors.

I’m not interested in writing daily outfit posts, as much as I love reading other people’s! What I’m thinking is writing some stuff about my philosophy on clothing and personal style mixed with the eternal question of how one dresses a changing body. Weight loss, weight gain, whatever – sometimes it seems like our bodies are constantly changing on us, as hard as we try to control them! It might be fun to talk about this and how to make sure you look good and are comfortable while all this…other stuff…is going on.

I’m mostly just thinking out loud here, but I intend to try it out over the next few weeks. Any feedback would be appreciated!

How’s my week going otherwise? Well, I had my last PT appointment! So that was exciting. I’ve just got to keep working on strengthening my hips and core. I managed to run and lift today, so that’s awesome.

What I’ve got on tap:

  • Sunday: Run/yoga
  • Monday: Recover from the Super Bowl, go to PT
  • Tuesday: Um. More sleeping (I was up waaay too late after the game).
  • Wednesday: Run and lift!
  • Thursday: Swim (planned)
  • Friday: Run and lift (planned)

It’s doable! What I want to add in next week is another running and lifting day on Monday. I’m determined to get back on a solid workout schedule so I can meet my goals.