Lessons learned: High heels are bad for you

I knew heels are bad for your feet and legs, but I didn’t realize HOW bad. ‘ve always tried to limit my tall shoe wearing to once or twice a week, but I might have to cut them out entirely for quite awhile after a bad experience yesterday.

I wore my absolute favorite shoes – these Miz Mooz booties in a fun blue – and figured, hey, I am not walking very far and I mostly sit at a desk. I’ve always been fine wearing them to the bus (about a ten minute walk from home) and at work before, but now, well, my hips were VERY unhappy. I took the shoes off and I immediately felt a major twinge in my muscles – the kind I haven’t felt since New Year’s.

Ouch. I walked it off and did some stretching, but things were still pretty tight today. I skipped a run because of it, and while I’m bummed about that, I do think it was for the best.

I like clothes and fashion and looking good, and while I don’t have to wear heels to have a successful outfits (I have several flat pairs of shoes and I adore them), there are some things that just look better with heels. Yesterday, it was leggings. Most of the time I think skirts and dresses look more polished with a cute pump or heeled boot. I’m going to have to get over that.

I’m off to the Old Town Boutique Warehouse sale this weekend. It’s the perfect opportunity to seek out adorable flat shoes (especially boots and booties, as I have no flats of either type) that will help keep me away from my favorite heels!

Also on the list for the weekend’s hunt:

  • Toppers – I can’t resist a cute jacket, so they’re always on the list. Fun colors and fitted shapes, please.
  • Skirts – Time to refresh my collection of these – I’m looking for more A-lines than pencils.
  • Colored jeans – The more I see this trend, the more I love it. I’m all about bright colors and these are so up my alley! I’m a bit nervous, so I’ll  probably pick a color I’m comfortable with. My dream is cobalt blue, but I might be open to red or coral.
  • Flat shoes – Obviously. I have black and brown, but I’d love some snakeskin, maybe, or animal print or  some other crazy pattern. My absolute goal is a pair of flat gray boots or booties.
  • Purse – I need a new one for work. I’d prefer a non-black neutral – gray, camel, taupe – but I’ll take what I can get if the size (large), shape (structured) and strap (longish) are right.

So that’s it. If you’re here for health and fitness and not clothes, well. I’m sorry! I do have February goals!

  1. Swim once a week
  2. Do yoga once a week
  3. Go to bed earlier so waking up is less of a chore
  4. Weight train twice a week (I’ve been doing terribly on this in January; need to add just one day!)