Wait, what winter: Walking the C&O Canal Towpath

Since it was a ridiculously nice day, The Man and I went to Carderock to do some walking around. It’s mostly flat on the C&O Canal Towpath, so I feel weird calling it hiking, but some of the Billy Goat Trails get pretty steep, so we definitely got a workout in!

We walked with Greta the dog for about two hours total, just enjoying the unseasonably warm day. I don’t know what’s up with this mild winter, but I’m loving it! I hate being cold.

It’s really beautiful up there and it was a fun day, even if we managed to walk right past the trail that shoots off and takes you to Great Falls. The Man had never been there and I hadn’t been for several years, so we walked right past it. I guess that just means we’ll have to go back soon!

We’re also investigating the idea of kayaks – Tom hates running and has no interest in biking, so in my hunt for something fun we could do outside together, I landed on boats. I like boats a lot! And so does he! This seems like a great idea. We won’t be able to take a big trip to celebrate his birthday this year (and it’s one that ends in zero, so I’m pretty bummed about that) but I think

Dog wonder and me

kayaks and kayaking trips will make a good substitute. I know there are a lot of cool spots in the area to explore as well and it will be fun to check them out from a new perspective.

My plan for the week: Run three times during the week. Consistency is my watchword and I’ve got to get back into the habit of working out in the morning. I also want to swim at least once and keep that habit going. I missed it more than I had realized.

The other big goal for the week has nothing to do with fitness or nutrition, but I’ve got to get it done: Updating my professional website. I have a spiffy WordPress theme installed and now I just have to get my galleries of page design together so I can figure out how to get the front page to show them off to their best effect.