Well, December’s goals didn’t quite work out. I suffered a (thankfully) minor injury and got entirely derailed.

This is how I felt over Christmas

I’ve posted about it on Facebook and Twitter, but I didn’t want to write a whole blog post until I knew what was wrong. Then I was still pretty bummed out.

I started having some pain in my left hip (the same leg that has the IT band issues) and went to the doctor after a week. He worried that I had a stress fracture, so I went to the ortho, who took an X-Ray that was inconclusive, so I had my first MRI. It was not so fun, but it wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever had to do. I had the MRI done just before Christmas, so I spent four days on crutches, incredibly grumpy and unable to do very much at all. If I did have a hip fracture, the last thing I wanted to do was make it worse!

The week after the holiday, the ortho said I had a strain of my rectus femoris, which is bad, but not anything like as bad as a hip fracture. I was really happy and relieved, of course, and hoped I would get back into running fairly quickly (two weeks or so).

This week, I headed over to the physical therapist I saw last summer. She told me that it appears to be a strain of my iliopsoas. We looked at pictures and she massaged the area, which hurt like FIRE but really loosened everything up. She also suggested that the pain is related to the biomechanical issues that also lead to my IT band pain.

It was definitely a bummer to hear that. A lot of those issues are related to weak hips and glutes and a not-very-strong core. I’ve been working hard to strengthen those areas and I was disappointed to hear that my efforts haven’t been enough. I’m currently alternating between being really blue about not being strong enough and being really determined to get even stronger. So far, the blues are winning, but I’m sure I’ll get my determination back soon.

My workouts have definitely taken a hit. The weather has been perfect for running in D.C. and I’m so frustrated I can’t be out in it! The elliptical is OK, but I still have pain if I go too fast on it, and cycling has too much knee flexion –  it hurts a fair amount. I keep meaning to go swimming, but I haven’t wanted to get up in the morning and the evenings are a struggle for me to go. (I also have to work around the high school’s swim team practice, and I never want to go when they’re done.)

My goals for the next few weeks:

  1. Write down everything I eat
  2. Really stick to being booze-free
  3. Post more (about not drinking for the month, for sure)
  4. Make a solid workout plan and stick to it

This is doable! I just have to get my schedule written down and make it happen.