Published on July 8, 2013, by meg in Mindfulness.

Things got a little out of control recently and I didn’t realize it until I was forced to stop and do basically nothing all day Wednesday.

Our air conditioning broke on Saturday and, because we had been planning to replace it anyway, we decided not to fix the broken one. Instead, we waited a few days until the installers could come out and put in a new unit.

fort!It was hot, but definitely not as bad as it could have been – the temperatures hovered in the 80s, which is pretty good for a DC summer. It was even more humid than usual, though, and really pretty unpleasant, especially at night.

The installation of the unit took 12 hours. The installers were AMAZING and it’s so great that they were able to get it done for us the day before a holiday, but it meant that I spent the bulk of the day in a sticky, gross house, unable to leave.

I felt very twitchy at first. Things have been so go-go-go lately that I didn’t want to relax (the thought that Out There was AC didn’t make me any less restless) and I was grumpy.

But the next day, I realized just how much I needed to just sort of be for a while. So I chilled out on Thursday too. And Saturday. And it was really pretty great. The only thing that would have made it better? An actual blanket fort. But instead, I had a metaphorical cocoon, and now I feel recharged and ready to tackle life again.