Published on July 5, 2013, by meg in What's Making Me Happy.


Inspired by Mary Catherine Starr’s Simple Joys of the Week column and the estimable crew of NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast. Thanks for being awesome!

There are weeks that make you tear your hair out and scream and cry and stomp around. Then there are weeks where you would swear you just floated through on a cloud, one where nothing gets you down.

This week was not like either of those, though it had elements of each.

So, let’s get to it!


    • A party! Our first official party at our house, where everything is painted and cleaned and (mostly) unpacked. We sat out in the backyard with twinkle lights, flowers, food, and friends. The Man grilled. I drank gin punch. There were three desserts, clearly the hallmark of a splendid party.It was so fun that I forgot to take pictures, which in the Age of Instagram is, I’m fairly certain, a cardinal sin. Still, I did remember to take a picture of tiny key lime pies later. Aren’t they adorable?
    • The weather! Yes, everyone else on the east coast is sick of rain, but I am incredibly grateful to it because it kept the temperature in the 80s, which is unseasonably cool for DC this time of year. This is wonderful because of…
    • 20130704-144628.jpg

    • Our broken air conditioner! Which was the stompy, hair-pulling part of the week, but the happy is that we were going to replace it anyway, and now we have a brand new AC that works significantly better and will cost less to run. We also ditched the ancient oil furnace for a new high-efficiency gas furnace. Wheee! Success!
    • Fruits and veggies! I am obsessed with this time of year because there’s so much delicious stuff to eat. This week it has been rhubarb, strawberries, green beans, apricots, cauliflower, and tomatoes. YUM.