Looks like taking some time off was just what I needed. While my diet has been all over the place this week, I’ve hit every day of working out that I have planned on. And I feel amazing.

The first week back in the gym/on the roads is always a struggle – reminding yourself why you’re doing this as your body tells you how much it would rather be curled up on the couch with a book or a DVD set. The second week, though, is magic. You’re not as sore, the workouts are feeling easier, getting out of bed earlier seems more normal, and you’re feeling super-pumped that you’re Getting It Done.

Unfortunately, you know there will come a time where every workout feels like a slog and getting out of bed is The Worst Idea Ever, but hey. I’m enjoying this while I can.

It’s been really great. My runs have felt solid and consistent, weight training is leaving me less sore the next day, and I’m eating all of the vegetables again. HOORAY FOR VEGETABLES.

I’m not feeling 100% awesome about my healthy lifestyle – my diet is still pretty bad, as I’m giving into more sugar cravings than I would really like – but I’m writing everything down regardless and it is helping inform my choices again.

My scale is broken, so I can’t say if my weight has budged (odds are not good on that) but I feel like I’m making progress again.

Workouts for last week:

Nov. 29: 6 miles; felt AMAZING and PERFECT; I want to feel like this on all of my runs. Also stretched for 20 minutes. I am really trying to work on stretching after work.

Nov. 30: 1 mile run (warmup) 60 minutes weights

Dec. 1: Reeest

Dec. 2: 8 mile run (longest since the marathon!)

Dec. 3: Rest more

Dec. 4: 1 mile run, 60 minutes weights

Dec. 5: 5 mile run, felt really slow and tired and hungry, but so proud of myself for getting up extra early to do it