Well, it’s depressing but true. I have gained 10 pounds since September. My pants are tight. This is Not Good, as I emphatically do not want to buy new pants. I like the pants I have!

All is not lost. The pants still fit despite some snugness, so as long as I get back into my old, good habits (as opposed to my bad post-marathon ones), I should be fine. Old-fashioned scale

This means:

  • Exercising 4-5 workdays
  • Running 20 miles or more a week
  • Strength training twice a week
  • Limiting grains
  • Snacking only on things such as fruits and vegetables
  • Salads – lots and lots of salads (which, to be fair, I love salad, so this is not a hardship. I just have to be better about buying produce and making them the night before work)
  • Meal planning
  • Tracking food (even on days I know I will go over my calorie limit – it’s the habit that’s important)
  • Not drinking (or, let’s be reasonable, limiting myself to one glass of wine a week)

So far, I’m having the most trouble with tracking and meal planning, but I know that all of the other items will become problematic in due time. I know I can power through them. I just have to remember that I can…