Published on November 26, 2012, by meg in real life.

I’m 33 today! I feel like I should write a clever and introspective post, but all I really want to do is talk about how awesome birthdays are.

Yes, I know, I’m a grown-ass woman. Birthdays should be old hat by now, right? But no. I love them. Maybe because mine is wrapped up in Thanksgiving/Christmas/holiday season excitement – it gets me all excited for the gift-giving and party-going season. Maybe because I’m self-centered and like having people say nice things to me all day. Maybe because I love cake and presents and candles.

Let’s face it, it’s definitely all of those things.

Late November is a tough time to celebrate with your friends, though. My family is always around, which is wonderful and I love being with them on or around my birthday, but it makes it hard to have a party when your friends are all doing the same thing with THEIR families. So I tend to celebrate in a more low-key fashion than I would if my birthday were in say, May. This year I’m planning a small trip to Frederick, Maryland, to try out Family Meal and maybe do some Christmas shopping with some friends. It’s pretty casual, but I’m looking forward to it for sure!