RW Running Streak Challenge - runner in a Santa hat To combat my total lack of motivation, I’m joining the 2012 Runner’s World Holiday Running Streak. I pledge to run at least one mile every day until Christmas.

My training plan for the B&A Half starts in mid-December, so I can definitely incorporate that into the streak, but mostly I want to make sure I’m in a good place to start training at that point.

I’m a little concerned about my muscles – I’m still feeling more tightness after working out than I think I should. With the Hashimoto’s, it’s a real concern, as muscle soreness is definitely one of the symptoms. So I’m just going to take it easy (and try to avoid gluten, which I think is a real issue for me in that regard) and assess how I feel on a fairly regular basis.

Most people started their streaks on Thanksgiving Day, and I did try that, but I was foiled by a sneaky nap on the couch and a longer-than expected travel day on Sunday. So the streak started yesterday! And will extend through New Year’s Eve! (What, you expected me to work out on my birthday and start the run streak Monday? HAHAHAHAHAHA. Birthdays are for eating cake and drinking champagne, silly person.)

Nov. 27: 3 miles

Nov. 28: 2 miles/strength training ETA – managed only one mile, thanks to getting to the gym a bit late. Still, the streak is on!

I’ll try to run the tally every Wednesday, just to keep myself on track. STREAK!