I’ve been hearing a lot about boxes this year – the kind you have shipped to you. AHEM. Birchbox. Stitch Fix. Tog & Porter. Kona Kase. Julep Maven. WOD Gear. Yeah. Lots of people getting lots of stuff. Some of the reviews have been mixed, but even with the ones I heard nothing but good things about, I just couldn’t commit.

I started out with Stitchfix. I love clothes! It seemed like a good idea! I liked it OK, but realized pretty quickly that part of the fun of buying clothes, for me, is playing around with them at the store. I like the serendipity of coming across the perfect top or jeans rather than having someone pick things out for me based on a style I’m not sure is really my own. Plus, I found the items I liked best a bit on the pricey side.

PopSugar box

Then I tried a Julep Maven box. I love nail polish! I buy too many bottles at Target! But then, after two boxes, I realized I don’t have THAT big a problem. There are still polishes I received that I haven’t worn. Not that I don’t like them! I just don’t like to paint my nails all that often, and when I do, I usually go for the same three colors. So that wasn’t really for me.

I love beauty products, but am pretty damn boring with them. I have one or two colors I wear constantly, a few perfumes in rotation, and maybe two or three lipsticks. I don’t like to think much about my beauty needs on a daily basis, OK? The free samples from Sephora are about as wild and crazy as I get.

So I held off on joining the PopSugar must-have box for awhile. At first, it looked like another thing that was just not for me. I enjoy their website quite a bit, but usually find the ‘must-haves for summer!’ articles to be more annoying than helpful.

But the more boxes they revealed, the more interested I became. When I found a coupon to get three months of boxes for $75, I was sold. ETA: If you’re interested, here’s my referral link

And then I waited and almost forgot about it. But that just made it more fun when the box finally came!

So many goodies inside the box!

You can see the complete rundown of what’s in the box here.

My intial favorites?  The gorgeous, gorgeous bracelet. I briefly thought about giving it as a Christmas gift to somebody I reeeeeally liked, but then my greedy side kicked in and I knew I was going to keep it for myself.

I’m like that sometimes.

The other favorite (so far) is really nice lip gloss. I’m a sucker for lip gloss or balm of any kind – it dates back to being a teenage clarinetist. The reed really dries out your lips, man. So I got addicted to the stuff when I was in fifth grade or so. My standbys are Rosebud Salve, Burt’s Bees (original all the way) and, if I’m feeling fancy, Fresh Sugar Rose lip treatment. It has SPF! It’s practically health food, right? Uh. Anyway. I’m not really that proud, I still have LipSmackers too.

Pretty vanilla lip balm But this lip balm in the box is pretty outstanding. It’s vanilla scented, which is a hard scent for me to wear (sweet scents often become syrupy with my skin chemistry – apparently I just am that sweet, thanks), but I find it appealing. Plus, the packaging is just gorgeous.

I’m excited to try the doughnut mix – I even bought mini doughnut pans, y’all. I’m serious about this. I plan to make them this weekend for my family.

 I’ll definitely order a t-shirt from StyleMint and I can’t wait to pick a photo to have put on canvas for the new house. It’s going to be fun to play with the crazy spices and I never could resist a yoga DVD. All in all, I’d say this box was a home run for me – it was a nice mix of fitness, beauty, style and home items. Much like PopSugar itself! I can’t wait to see what’s in the December box.

ETA: Again, If you’re interested, here’s my referral link