Published on November 12, 2012, by meg in 5K, race report, real life.

I felt a little snarky putting “race” in quotation marks after doing the Color Run. I was full of ready-for-a-marathon hubris, clearly.

I’m just going to call these untimed short races “fun runs,” which makes me feel like less of an ass.

My friend Mary and I took part in the Living Social Glow-in-the-Dark 5K on Friday night. I wasn’t sure what to expect – wear all black? It went against everything I knew as a runner. But the course didn’t seem to go on any roads, so I was game.

The event itself was a bit pricey for a 5K – $40 when I registered, $50 later – but I won a free entry from Carly Bananas and Living Social (thanks so much guys!), so it wasn’t too terrible for two that way.

I wore all black as suggested, but it was chilly and I knew we would probably go out for dinner after the run, so I wore regular leggings, a long sleeve tee with the Living Social 5K tee over it and a fleece over that. It was chilly out there! I did wear my Team Sparkle skirt, which, as always, earned several compliments.

Much like the Color Run, there was more waiting around than seemed necessary, thanks to the release of people in waves, but I learned that lesson and stood closer to the front this time. The race was scheduled to start at 7:30 and I think our wave started at 7:50. It wasn’t so bad, but we did get pretty chilly and annoyed waiting around. This is probably the biggest flaw with these sorts of races and the solution is probably simple: Don’t show up more than 30 minutes early.

Because I had a crazy week at work thanks to the election, I didn’t have time to go out and buy a lot of crazy glowing stuff before the race, so we were left with what people dropped and what Living Social gave us. We were not very impressive, but some of the other people there sure were! We saw folks with tons of glow sticks wrapped around their legs and arms, people with light-up wigs, light sabers, and all kinds of crazy stuff. It was amazing to watch and be part of this brilliant, moving sea of color.

There were stages set up where people could dance:

As one Facebook friend said, it was like a “healthy rave.”

Mary and I mostly walked and chatted and watched people. The music was unbearably loud at a few points, but we just speed-walked through them. Once we finished the race, there was one free beer and a dance party set up inside the D.C. Armory. It looked pretty cool.

But it was very loud and we were pretty hungry, so we vacated to go eat dinner in Chinatown.

All in all, it was a really good time!