sole sisters book coverIf you can’t actually run (much), you might as well read stories about people who are running, right?

This book is a collection of short essays – just a few pages, really – about inspirational women runners. A few made me tear up, but most made me smile widely.

My favorite essay was about Cheryl¬†Treworgy. She’s Shalane Flanagan’s mom, and her story is really amazing. She competed in college a few years before Title IX passed and was the first woman to receive an athletic scholarship to a public university. She had to create her own training model and it’s just incredibly cool to read about the work she did and the trail she laid for women in sports today.

There’s something for everyone in this book – stories of Kenyans aspiring to the Olympics, ordinary women creating running support groups and helping each other through tough times, stories of widows of the Sept. 11. 2001 terror attacks running for their husbands – and themselves. It’s a small book, but it isn’t lightweight. It is moving and sweet and a pretty good way to remind yourself why you run, even when you can’t get it in the way you would like.