So, have you heard about the possible megastorm heading for the northeast? No? Oh, well, let me tell you about this. There is a hurricane! It might hit DC as a hurricane! Or as some other kind of giant, rainy, windy storm! And it will get cold! Or it might hit New Jersey, or New England, or…

You get the picture. A lot is changing about this storm and probably we won’t have a solid idea of what the Marine Corps Marathon weather will be like until Saturday. This is life on the East Coast during hurricane season. As a former beach town resident, you get used to it.

Here is the current NWS model:

NWS Cone of Uncertainty

Here’s the best case scenario at this point (based on my totally unscientific knowledge!):

  • Sandy keeps heading north
  • DC gets very, very wet Sunday afternoon, but Sunday morning sees mostly scattered showers and is rather unpleasantly cold and wet
  • The storm kees tracking north and hits New England

Obviously, this is possible! Read about other scenarios at The Capital Weather Gang blog. Scenario B is the one I (and everyone else, probably) is expecting and hoping for, though obviously scenario C would also be great.  But things are still pretty iffy. I’ll just keep hoping for that for the next three days.

I don’t mind running in the rain so much. The cold I can handle. It’s mostly the winds I’m worried about, which could definitely put a damper on my day.  I’m trying to remain calm and am reminding myself that I just bought a new tube of BodyGlide (for my feet if it’s wet) and a rain jacket. Neither will mitigate all of the effects, but they should help in a worst-case scenario.(Worst case meaning a downpour with no lightning, not an actual worst-case scenario in terms of the actual storm.)

While these aren’t IDEAL first marathon conditions, and they are a little stranger than most people will see, I am firmly convinced that I’ll still have a good race. And I’m definitely going to have a damn fine story to tell about that time I ran a marathon in a hurricane/tropical storm/very very very wet conditions.

In the meantime, I’m going to listen to some Neil Young and try to keep calm.



  1. Rob Weir says:

    Good luck! This is nowhere near as impressive as a marathon, but I just did about a 30-mile bike ride. The last half(ish) was in cold rain and hail. Once I was completely soaked, it was awesome.

    1. meg says:

      I would say that’s pretty impressive! Biking makes me nervous – so much can go wrong. Especially in bad weather!