This is in no way a comprehensive or serious must-get-it-done list, just a few ideas for what I want to do this winter/spring.

  1. Drop the five pounds I gained at the end of marathon training. Carbs, I love you but you’re bringing me down.¬†Just listen to this while you read the list, okay?
  2. Swim more!
  3. Finally fix my bike and ride it more. The brakes are wonky and I just haven’t touched it in months.
  4. Work on metabolic training.
  5. Try out a more minimal/neutral shoe.
  6. Work on cadence by running with a metronome.
  7. Go to yoga & pilates more often – meaning at least once a week each. I miss them both.
  8. Start strength training regularly again. I started to have some pretty serious DOMS a few weeks ago, so I freaked out and stopped doing it. I could tell this was a bad idea by the end of my taper.
  9. Check for hypothyroidism again – the muscle soreness is freaking me out. A few other symptoms have also surfaced. Stupid thyroid.
  10. Go out with friends on the weekends again!
  11. Work on speed – especially if I sign up for a spring half-marathon.


  1. Victoria says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm #2 and #3 make me wonder if somebody is thinking about a few triathlons in 2013. And on #4, metabolic training sucks for about a month, and then it’s amazing.

    1. meg says:

      Maaybe? And maybe not 2013, but I definitely want to tackle it one day. But mostly I just miss swimming – it’s always been one of my favorite things to do. Even when I hated all exercise, I loved swimming.