While I have done tapers before, they haven’t been nearly so dramatic. For a half-marathon, after all, you go from 10-ish miles to say, five or six. Cutting back from mileage in the high teens to eight or nine miles feels decidedly strange.

Marine Corps LogoIt’s been three weeks since I have run 20 miles. That run felt amazing, but it will have been a month next week. That’s…scary to think about. I’m just working hard to keep myself healthy and whole and not crazy. I’m going to be fine. I ¬†won’t set any landspeed records, but I will complete the race safely and have fun. I’ll set a PR no matter what I do – it’s my first marathon. So I don’t need to stress out about time.

I set my strategy with my college friend – we’re going to stay together so we can keep each other from going too fast and to encourage each other when we get tired.

I know I can do this. But knowing doesn’t stop me from being scared and trying to plan out all of the angles. What to wear, when to arrive, where my family and friends should watch the race – I’m trying to plan it all out.

What I need to do, really, is just let it go. I need to remember that nothing is perfect and that things can be wonderful and fun and amazing and flawed. I need to remember that sometimes the flaws are the best part – that’s where the humor and serendipity come in. So I’m trying as hard as I can.