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Pre-race trio

Pre-race trio

Because I haven’t been blogging much, I haven’t talked about my awesome running friends Laney and Kristin! They’re  both a bit faster than I am and have both done a few marathons. Their input has been really helpful at settling my nerves and answering my random questions. (Do you usually have to pee during a race? Bring a change of clothes after? Is feeling really tired and cranky during the taper normal? I have asked all of these and more.)

So when Kristin suggested that I sign up for The Color Run at National Harbor the weekend before Marine Corps, the first question I asked was, of course: Is it smart to run a 5K a week before my big race? Kristin laughed (well, she was on Twitter, but I imagine she laughed) and pointed out that it’s a fun run – untimed and with lots of stopping to take photos. I signed up cheerfully.

This story is really better told in pictures:

Laney and Kristin pre-run
All clean – FOR NOW.
At the start, there were SO MANY TUTUS.

At the start, there were SO MANY TUTUS. It was really cool to see the outfits people wore!

Approaching the yellow color station
You could see each station from pretty far away – there was a cloud of color! The colored powder was sort of chalky and weird – definitely not fun to get in your mouth.
Yellow color station mob!

People would run to the sides of the race where volunteers would spray them with color from condiment bottles. It could get people crazy – some people even dropped and rolled in the color.

Blue color station!

The blue color station was the final one.

Laney and Kristin post-race

Laney and Kristin post-race. Not so clean anymore!

Back of Kristin's head - it's all green

Back of Kristin’s head – it’s all green! Everyone got a color packet for the final ‘color throw’ at the end. Laney had green and got Kristin with it.

Post-run powder and feet

Post-run powder and feet



  1. Kristin says:

    LOVE this!!!! So much fun.