Clarendon Day 10K ready!

These races seem like they happened so long ago! I got really busy with house-hunting, so I kind of just forgot to write about them. But they were both cool races.

Let’s start with the Navy-Air Force Half. That race occurred on Sept. 15. I had no real plans to race this one, which was good because I was definitely not feeling it. I had gone to look at a house on Saturday with my mom and husband, and definitely didn’t go to sleep super early or eat as well as I should have the night before. I also felt, for whatever reason, incredibly tight and tired in my legs, so I just sort of cruised through it, using it as my long run for the week.

I didn’t look at the elevation chart. For some reason, I expected there to be a large hill at the halfway point so I really held back. There was a slight hill, but definitely not what I had expected.

My time was a perfectly fineĀ 2:26:24, but I didn’t feel like I tried especially hard or really ran my best race. Still, it was a gorgeous day and the race took me through Rock Creek Park and by the Potomac, which was lovely. It was a smaller race, which was nice, though it was definitely a fast crowd. The five milers flew past us at Hains Point, which maybe should have been discouraging but was actually kind of cool to see.

The Clarendon Day 10K was as awesome as ever. It occurred Sept. 22 and was the third year I had done that race. It was hot – maybe not as hot as it had been the first year, but definitely warmer than last year’s race, which was pretty much perfect, temperature-wise. The volunteers were amazing, people liked my skirt, and I ran into a friend (who also had friends with her) at the start.

This was another race I wasn’t sure I was going to race. I had a 20-miler lined up the next day, so I hadn’t really made any plans. I wanted to do well, of course, but I didn’t expect that I would feel as good as I did.

I ran a 10K inĀ 1:02:46, my fastest time at that distance by almost three minutes. And I stopped to walk for two minutes, because I got too hot.

Do I see a 1 hour 10K in my future? MAYBE. Maybe. Marathon first, though.

After the race, I met up with my friend and her friends, who were really cool, and used a few beer tickets. (Three this year, which is the right number. Four is TOO MANY, Clarendon Day!) I only used two, because I had to run out to Maryland for our house inspection, which went well! More about the house when we get closer to closing, but for now: Things are going reasonably well, though not as smoothly as I had hoped.