There has been a lot to say. I haven’t quite known how to say it.

Trying to become fat-adapted two-and-a-half months before your big race? Dumb. I realized that pretty fast, actually, and I had left myself the option of just dropping the whole thing if it didn’t work out. So I did, after a miserable, wall-hitting, no-good, very bad run. It was supposed to be 19 miles; I think I hit 16. And in spite of all of that, it was a good experience. I ¬†know what that wall feels like; I know how to fight it now.

The wall hurts.

Since then, I have had two 20-mile runs, one spectacular and one…less so, but not bad. I ran the very good one in too-old shoes, which caused some foot problems. They seem to be cleared up now. We’ll see how it goes.

I’m considering running a race this weekend for shits and grins – the Baltimore Half-Marathon.¬†¬†Logistically, it’s a pain, but I’m kind of burned out on running alone and it looks fun.

More updates to come soon! Just have to get back into the habit of writing.