Published on August 27, 2012, by meg in Diet, nutrition.

I’m going to try something radical this month. It’s the Whole 30, a paleo program that cuts sugar, dairy, grans, legumes, and booze.

It sounds extreme, I know. But I’ve been noticing that when I eat, say, a big plate of pasta, I don’t feel good. It’s more than just overeating – it gives me issues for quite a long time. And I’m having issues with sugar of late – as in, eating it and eating it and
eating it to keep my energy up.

So I’m cutting these things out. I won’t freak out if I eat something that has SEKRIT SUGAR in it (it’s really hard to avoid) or even secret cheese, but I want to really get to the root of what’s causing some of my issues.

It might be too much on top of the marathon training, and that’s okay. I can always quit. But I want to try it this month so that I’m as healthy as possible when I run the race. Cutting out the things that make me feel less than stellar seems like a good place to start.

I’ll start tomorrow. I don’t expect it will be easy or fun. I expect I’ll miss my wine and my GU and my Gatorade, but I’ve already cut back on dairy substantially. I intend to write up my experience in a private journal and I’ll write a weekly summary here. I mostly want to get a good, solid idea about what I’m eating, why, and how it makes me feel. I start today.

Fortunately, I haave a pretty good idea of what I’m doing, thanks to reading It Starts with Food. It’s the best explanation of some of the science behind the paleo diet that I have read. Combining it with The Thyroid Diet Revolution has given me really useful tools to manage my diet. I don’t intend to stress out about it, but I feel that the highly restrictive nature of the program will really help me keep my diet on track. And after 30 days, who knows? I hope to have a good idea of what foods are causing me the distress and what I can reintroduce into my diet.