I keep reminding myself that one bad week isn’t going to derail my marathon plans. It isn’t going to mean I won’t finish, and since I don’t really have a time goal, finishing strong is all I care about.

I’m still stressing out.

I have run exactly twice this week. The longest run was five miles. The other was about one and a half. Oof. I skipped my long run (12 miles) last week because of travel and family commitments. I probably will only run 12 miles this weekend, not my planned 18, because I just feel like crap, honestly. I’ve been eating like crap, which hasn’t helped. Drinking too much beer. Not sleeping enough.

What am I trying to do now? Push reset. Get back on the ball. Be kind to myself and move on. Bad weeks happen. Bad runs happen. Beating myself up over it, stressing out about the race and my goals – that’s not helpful.

So I’m getting up and running tomorrow, then going to work. I’ll have a relaxing evening and the. Run 12 miles this weekend. After that, I’ll feel back on track.