I have issues with doing things the way I’m supposed to. Whether it’s “tweaking” a training plan until it’s unrecognizable or refusing to take more than 12 hours of classes a semester in college (I took summer classes! It worked for me!), I’m used to going my own way. Sometimes people don’t quite get it, but I do what works for me and try not to think too much about their opinions.

But a few things have happened this summer and I’d like to recommend you NOT do them when training your first half-marathon.

The first: Don’t try to sell your house. This is what’s causing me the most stress right this second. We emptied out our house of a lot of stuff – mostly books, winter clothes, bulky furniture – so we could put our one-bedroom condo on the market and eventually move into a place. It’s definitely throwing me off and using energy I should be saving for my runs. Or maybe my runs are using energy I should be using for my move?

The worst was this weekend, when I scheduled a Sunday 10-mile run. The mobile storage units didn’t come between 11 and 3 on Saturday as they were supposed to. No, they came at 7:45 on Saturday, putting us a full day behind schedule. So post-run The Man and I had to load up the storage units and start cleaning the house.

The realtors are supposed to come to take photos tomorrow. That…is not going to happen. We have a very long list of things we have to do before we can show the place. We crossed ONE THING off of it today. I’m a little frustrated and stressed about this.

The second: Move. I mean, yeah, this sort of falls under the first category, but moving and selling your house are different enough that I feel it should be counted twice. Even though we’re not actually moving yet, trying to deal with just the idea of it is stressful enough.

The third: Prep for a big big time in your job. I work at a Congressional newspaper and we’re getting ready to cover the Democratic and Republican conventions. I won’t lie, I’m pretty nervous about that with my training. It’s going to be tough to work everything in! It’s going to be an intense couple of days in late August/early September and I hope I’m just not moving at the same time.