I took a week off of blogging last week (obviously) because my brain needed a break. I took the week before off of running because my body needed a break. I was exhausted all the time, so I focused on meditating and getting good sleep. I was able to start running again this week feeling like a brand-new person.

Not actually this kind of loafing

So I loafed. Mentally and physically. It was good for me. Burnout is a real concern – I started training for this race really, really early. And I don’t think it’s a bad idea. I really want to do well and not be injured, but I don’t want to run out of determination and get frustrated and blow my training off entirely. I’m trying to find the middle ground.

I imagine it’s not something that I’m going to stop working toward any time soon.

This training is definitely harder than half-marathon training. And not like, twice as hard. It’s more like five times as hard. Finding the time and energy, coping with all the other crap in my life…well. It’s been something I feel like I’m falling down on, actually.

Part of the issue is that I think running five days a week is just too many for me. I want to do something else once a week! So I think I’ll probably try to swim or something instead of running once a week. I just need a break.

The other is that I’m letting myself get overwhelmed by my plans. I probably just need to cut them in half – instead of strength training for an hour twice a week (which hasn’t been happening) I should probably aim for 45 minutes 3 times a week.

The other thing I really, really want to make sure I’m working in is speed and hill work. I’m starting by working on tempo runs this week – I did two miles at 10:20 this week and I want to get it under 10 minutes by the end of August. I think it’s completely doable.

So those are the goals I want to work toward in the next month.