Published on June 11, 2012, by meg in goals, marathon, Running, training.

I haven’t been doing so hot with getting it going in the morning. I hit snooze. I get up and check my email on my phone, then peruse Facebook and Twitter. I make breakfast, finally get dressed, then start to think about heading out the door.

It’s not working out for me. Not only am I pushing my runs back too far and missing the bus, but I’m also running after 8 a.m., when it’s already starting to get to be too hot.

I have to  fix this before July and August, when I have longer runs scheduled during the week and will need to be up early enough to a) finish them and b) not die of the heat before I finish.

My long run this week was a classic example of dawdling. So classic that I even bailed on running Saturday, which was a better day for my schedule, in order to sleep in. I mean, it was great, sleeping in, but unnecessary. Then on Sunday, my last chance to get those 12 miles in, I got up, went back to bed, couldn’t decide if I wanted to bail on the run or not. Finally I decided not, but it took me half an hour to get out the door after that. Starting a 12 mile run on a day with a high of 92 degrees at 8 a.m.? BAD idea. I walked a lot. Probably…three miles minimum? I’m not sure. I was hot and cranky and soggy from sweat by the time I got home, and that’s no good.

I’m starting to really doubt my sanity. Training for  my first marathon in a D.C. summer? I MUST be a crazy person. But then I remember how great I felt during the Battleship Half after training through a truly miserable summer. It was cool and perfect that day, and I felt like I could run forever and ever. I’m not expecting to feel so great during Marine Corps – I have been told that a marathon might be twice as long as a mini, but it’s like five times as hard – but I am hoping that all this hot weather training will come in handy and make it feel just a little bit easier than it might otherwise.

So I’m using this post to chastise myself a bit, but also to remind myself that I’m finally getting into gear with the training. I hit all my runs last week, even though I almost talked myself out of the long run. Here’s my breakdown of last week’s mileage:


Day Planned Actual
Monday 6/4 Strength training/4 miles 4 miles
Tuesday 6/5 6 miles 6 miles
Wednesday 6/6 Strength train/Rest Strength train/rest
Thursday 6/7 4 miles 4 miles – tempo run between 9:53 and 10:15 for 2 miles
Friday 6/8 4 miles/strength train 3 miles (super tired legs this day)/strength train
Saturday 6/9 12 miles Rest
Sunday 6/10 Rest 12 miles
Total mileage 30 29


This coming week is a bit easier, which will be nice, but after this, I’m getting into the meat of my training plan and starting to build some serious miles. By July, this week will look like an easy week! I’m working on building strength as much as possible and running really easy on my easy days to get used to this.



  1. Quin says:

    DC summers can be brutal for runners but, training is possible. There’s nothing wrong with moving your runs around to accommodate the weather. You just have to get up and go! It’s tackling the marathon, not the weather we train in, that makes us crazy! Whenever I need some extra motivation, one thing I look to is the 53 Runner’s Commandments by Joe Kelly (google it). There’s usually something there to help me get out the door. If that’s not working, Kristy is normally pretty good about keeping me honest. So, sharing your training plans with someone and having them hold you accountable is another tool to exploit. We’ve all got different ways to mindhack ourselves when we don’t feel like running. Hopefully, you can keep finding yours.

    1. meg says:

      I’m definitely working on the ‘don’t stop and think, just go!’ side of things. I’m making progress. It’s just getting into the habit and not allowing for excuses. It’s totally doable.

      Yeah, Tom was awesome about making me go run on Sunday. He didn’t say anything except, “It’s not too hot out there really,” and out I went. Eventually.

      It’s a process and I always forget that. I think I can just do all the things I did last time, and it will work out perfectly, but nothing is really ever the same and you have to keep figuring out new tricks. I’m working on it!