On sports bras and feeling your pain

I’m a busty girl. I’m a solid D-cup (when I was 20 pounds heavier, I expanded into double-D territory. It wasn’t pretty.) and that means a good sports bra is a MUST.

Every time I see another woman with big boobs and an inadequate sports bra on a run, I wince in sympathy. I too once thought that a $15 sports bra from Target was the best I could do and suffered through the discomfort they brought. I firmly believe that the lack of support lead to my love of swimming above all other sports as a young woman.

Then I discovered Title 9 and my life changed forever.

I’ve tried A LOT of sports bras with a lot of different names. The Enell. The FROG. The Ta-Ta Tamer. The one with the iPhone pocket. The Fiona. They were all…fine. Better than the Target sports bra, but for as much as they cost I kept hoping for something better.

Then, about two years ago, I found it. The Fiona set me on the right course – I loved the adjustable straps and the rear clasp. I loved that it didn’t come in boring black and white but also in bright colors! (We’ve talked about my love of brights, right? Yeah. And how I have to edit sometimes so I don’t look like a clown.) It wasn’t quite as supportive as I wanted, though, so I had to continue my search.

Still, Moving Comfort seemed to have a good start, so I researched more of their bras and landed on the Juno. It’s important to remember that, in most athletic pursuits, any time the name of a Greek goddess gets tossed out, we’re usually talking about Big Girls. I mean, we get called Athenas in races. I figured that a bra called Juno was almost certainly destined for a curvy girl.

And man, was it. This thing has no bounce, no jiggle at all. Complete comfort when runing. The straps are wide, the bra is lined (making it also great for the gym), and with the adjustable straps and back clasp, it’s pretty easy to get on and off. Not perfectly easy, but easier than most. I’ve never worried about getting stuck in the thing and that’s saying quite a lot, actually.

I have two of them and they’re starting to get a little worn. I’m tempted to switch it up a little and try out the brand-new Moving Comfort Jubralee or the cool-looking Rebound Racer, but I also don’t want to mess with perfection. Still, I know I’m in good hands with Moving Comfort. They make really great bras in awesome colors and they serve large-breasted women like me amazingly well.