Published on May 4, 2012, by meg in gear review, music, Running.

My current favorite app for running is RunMeter. I’ve used several different running apps – with the amount of money I’ve dropped on trying to find the perfect garment with a iPhone sized-pocket and the apps, I probably could have just bought a GPS watch.

I like leaving the house and not having planned out every turn of my run but still knowing I’ll get the right number of miles in, regardless of how slow or fast I go. I’m not a numbers junkie, but man, do I love breaking down the data of splits and seeing my improvement. And RunMeter has data in spades.

My favorite new feature in the latest version? You can enter your marathon plan, sync it with your calendar, and cue up each workout on its assigned day. It’s so, so great.

It also has elevation charts, splits, distance, and speed. You can have voice cues to tell your speed every miles, half-mile, five minutes, whatever you want. The newest version is integrated with iTunes. It autoposts to DailyMile, Twitter, and Facebook. The GPS seems pretty accurate – I’ve checked it against maps and it’s mighty close. My paces seem perfectly realistic based on my known abilities.

It’s all I’ve ever wanted – almost.

Other apps I have known and loved:


Pros: This was my go-to for about a year. It’s got great data, an integrated music player, and voice announcements. Pretty much perfect, right? Plus it’s free. Win.

Cons: About six months ago, the update started telling me I had run two miles. In 17 minutes. On a run where I didn’t feel especially winded. I was suspicious, so I checked the route and sure enough, I was short by about half a mile. The newest reviews showed that it wasn’t just me. That’s when my quest for the new app started.

Garmin Fit App

Pros: SO MUCH data. I loved the interface and the

Cons: No voice announcements. I need those, especially if I’m running a new route. I like to know when to turn around! I don’t always care about my pace, but I almost always care about my distance. This guy just wasn’t cutting it for me. It also wasn’t as accurate as I had hoped it would be – it definite made me seem speedier than I am.



Pros: Voice announcements, integrated music player, maps, syncs with MapMyRun.

Cons: Doesn’t save splits, although you can see them on the map right after you finish. This is a big problem for me – I hate speedwork the MOST so I need to see those numbers whenever I do them. It makes me feel all accomplished.



┬áPros: This is the app I have the least experience with. My favorite thing is that you can get your time, distance, and pace on demand – you just push the home button on the iPhone. It’s so great, but it can also be a problem. Sometimes I worry I push it too much!

Cons: I’m not sure the GPS is all that accurate. I definitely am not as speedy as it makes me seem!


I know there are more – has anybody tried one they love? I’m open to suggestions!