Under Armour What's Beautiful

How great is that? Being the person you want to be (or at least working on being that person) makes such a lot of difference in my life. I plotted out my training for the Marine Corps Marathon today – I have 27 weeks of running on my calendar, all ready to go for me to stay on track. I’m not entirely convinced that I am really the sort of person who runs marathons. I’m still not sure I’m the sort of person who runs half-marathons either, but since I’m approaching #4, the available evidence suggests that I must indeed be that sort of person.

So I signed up for Under Armour’s What’s Beautiful campaign. Under Armour makes really great products, so I was excited to see some friends doing this! My goal is, of course, running the marathon, but the Under Armour challenge only lasts 9 weeks. Hopefully though that will be enough to get me on track for the first part of my training. There are challenges to complete and there’s an app for that.

First challenge:

Insert video here

So if you join, add me!

In other news, I made a massive playlist for the race. I’m not sure if I’ll listen to music or not – sometimes I like to, sometimes I don’t, but I always like having the option!