I am so, so beyond ready for this race! I’m ready to see my friends, to have them cheer for me, to wear my Team Sparkle skirt and shimmer all the way down the road. I’m ready to line up at the start, nervous and chilly and giddy because people I love will be waiting with me. My college roommate, her husband, and another dear friend from college will be running with me. My roomie’s sister and another college friend will be cheering on the sidelines. I might even convince a post-college friend who happens to live in Indy out to the festivities.

Every race I’ve run in the past two years has been solo. I’ve met people in line, chatted with folks during the race, and had family and friends to cheer me on, but it’s always been just me crossing the starting line and finish line. I have loved it. Running is mine and I’m insanely proud of what I’ve accomplished on my own.

But this time, I’m looking forward to a different kind of experience. Regardless of how the middle miles go, regardless of how and when we finish, we’re all going to be at the starting line together.

I have two weeks of training left, but I’ve finished my long runs. I’ll do two more speedwork sessions and something like ten more easy runs. I’ll pound out an 8-miler this weekend and probably six the weekend after that. There isn’t much I can do to improve anymore. I just have to trust that I’ve put in the right amount of work (even though I still feel that I haven’t, that there was more I could have done, weeks I could have worked harder) and that I’ll finish the race strong and happy.

Knowing who will be racing with me and who will be waiting at the finish line, I can’t imagine any other kind of finish, regardless of my finish time.

16 more days!



  1. Amanda says:

    Good luck! Great to have so much support. You’ve come so far!

    1. meg says:

      Thanks! I feel so accomplished.